Changing with the Times at WD Flooring Submitted: 05/06/2013
LAONA - The type of timber harvested in the Northwoods won't change much from year to year. But a main product it can become wood flooring has undergone a big transformation. WD Flooring in Laona is a success story with that change. Last fall, they laid out plans to double their workforce and refurbish a new manufacturing building.

That was so they could better move out of the business of thin strip flooring to the economical and popular prefinished engineered wood flooring. "Styles of flooring have changed dramatically in the past ten years. I think we've seen more change in this industry - which, really, for a hundred years had been stagnant and had seen little innovation - we've seen more innovation in the past five years than we did in the previous one hundred," says WD Flooring President Peter Connor. They've hired about half of the 58 new employees they originally planned on so far, with more to come. The changing flooring landscape - and WD Flooring's change with it - earned them honors. They took home the Floor of the Year prize at the National Wood Flooring Association convention in Dallas. "Winning an award like that is a tremendous affirmation of all the hard work that we put in for the last five or six years with regard to changing the products that we're doing, and going into a new course to put us in good stead over the next hundred years as we continue to grow as a company," says Connor. The winning floor was installed at a penthouse in Minneapolis.

Story By: Ben Meyer

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