People Who Sell Alcohol May Soon Have More Incentive to Look for Fake I.D.'s Submitted: 05/01/2013
MADISON - People who sell alcohol may soon have more incentive to look for fake I.D.'s. A Wisconsin Assembly committee has passed a bill that would allow pub or liquor store owners to sue anyone who buys alcohol illegally. The bill's sponsor is Republican Representative Andre Jacque, of DePere. Under the measure, people cited for underage drinking could have to pay retailers $1,000 dollars.

That's in addition to fines for violating the law. Retailers would have to provide notice of the law and immediately report violations. Jacque became concerned after a Green Bay police officer told him about the area's low rate of compliance regarding checks for underage drinking. He says the bill would deter underage drinkers, citing success with a similar law in Alaska. The full Assembly will take up the bill in May. (Copyright 2013 Associated Press - All Rights Reserved)

Story By: Associated Press

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