Tomahawk Honors First Responders In Accident Submitted: 04/27/2013
TOMAHAWK - A drunk driver almost took everything from Tomahawk's Jason Breitenfeld. Saturday Northwoods residents honored the people who helped save his life. Breitenfeld almost died on Janaury 20th. He was giving a safe ride home from the bars for friends when a drunk driver nearly killed him. People came out to celebrate the heroes who helped keep Breitenfeld alive.

Breitenfeld is especially thankful for Jason Mauer. "He called 911 and stayed with me, held my hand the entire way and kept me alert and conscious," said Breitenfeld. "Once I gained consciousness he stayed with me. He saved my life." Breitenfeld says before the accident he always cautioned his friends about drunk drivers. And now more than ever, he urges them to use the Safe Ride program. "Even before then, before I found out about that program, I was always talking to people in my family or people I know," Breitenfeld said. "If you're going to drink, don't drive. I've seen the dangers of it before, now it's just a little bit more personal." There's a fund set up to help Breitenfeld with his medical bills. Donations can be made at your local Citizens Bank.

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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