Community Blood Center honors long-serving donors Submitted: 04/25/2013
RHINELANDER - Giving blood saves lives. Plenty of us have given a pint here or there over the years. Maybe you give regularly. It's a good thing. But giving gallon upon gallon? That deserves a little recognition. The Community Blood Center honored dozens of long-serving donors in Rhinelander Thursday night. Honorees ranged from giving several gallons of blood up to more than 30 gallons. 81-year-old Merrill native Jack Burkam first gave during the Korean War. 22-gallons later, he doesn't do it for the recognition.

"I don't do anything extra, I just give," Burkam said. "I know there's a lot of other fellows out there and people that give regularly and that's how it builds up. So it's not like it's any problem." One of the featured speakers thanked the donors, saying she wouldn't be standing there without them. She received more than 300 pints of blood. You can sign up to donate. Follow the link to the Community Blood Center below.

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Story By: Lane Kimble

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