Lincoln County Humane Society Prepares for Renovations Submitted: 04/24/2013
MERRILL - The Lincoln County Humane Society doesn't think twice when it comes to finding animals a new home. But now the organization needs a new home of its own. "All of our storage and things like that just need to be completely removed just so we have more space to extend the kennels," said Lincoln County Humane Society Director Liz Friedenfels.

Friedenfels is now preparing for some construction. "We have volunteers who are going to do the demolition and reassemble the new kennels and the new kennels that we will be purchasing will be used in the new building. But unfortunately it's just a big push to get that done," said Friedenfels. The renovations on their current building will bring them up to code with new state puppy mill laws. But the changes may only be used for a few years. The next step is construction for an all-new building in the same location. After some struggles, they're headed in the right direction. "There was some concern with the county about the EXPO center, and things like that, but AGRA Industries did a design where both buildings would still fit and we'd be able to remain on our existing lot," said Friedenfels. Their goal is to start the building process next summer. They've raised 75 thousand dollars towards the 800 thousand dollar project. "We've been very lucky to have community support you know our community has always been here for us and we're very blessed for that," said Friedenfels. You can donate directly to the Lincoln County Humane Society in Merrill. The Humane Society is also looking for volunteers to take in animals during the construction.

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Story By: Hayley Tenpas

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