Kwik Trip Proposal Moves Forward Submitted: 04/23/2013
RHINELANDER - It seems all it took to bring a popular Wisconsin-based chain to Rhinelander was to allow beer sales. City leaders cleared that hurdle back in January. The Rhinelander planning commission approved Kwik Trip's store blueprints. Kwik Trip will be located on Eisenhower Parkway. That's just off of highway 17 near Taco Bell.

The planning commission debated several issues. The talked about the added traffic 18 wheelers would bring to that area. They also discussed using the lot for storm water run off. But in the end, the plans passed. Now, Rhinelander Fire Chief Terry Williams says it's up to Kwik Trip now to decide when construction starts. "If they come to us now, because they do own the land," said Chief Williams. "If they come to us and get an excavation permit, they could start taking trees down and everything right now in preparation for construction." Chief Williams says they can't really build anything until it has been approved by the council. That meeting comes up May 13th.

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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