Legendary black bear now teaching tool in Marshfield Submitted: 04/22/2013
MARSHFIELD - People in Marshfield got used to seeing a black bear wandering through town over the past few years. Now they can see it any time - in a more stationary place. This black bear became a local legend in Marshfield. It would make its home in the backyards of people on the city's southern side.

"They tried chasing him away, they tried numerous things, they tried trapping him, he got spooked by the trap. Through the couple years, people had been harassing him, and he was getting a little belligerent," says taxidermist Alan Jonett. Last April, the DNR killed the bear. Now, Marshfield High School is its home, for use as an educational tool. Jonett has worked with wildlife management students on taxidermy at the school for years. He stuffed and mounted the bear for display. "I like it. There were a few bad injuries that I just didn't want to pull the skin together to close them up, so that's the way it was. It's a scarred animal, he had a hard life, although it was fairly easy in town. It's part of the history of the bear," he says. A bobcat and wolf could be the next additions to the Marshfield High School display.

Story By: Ben Meyer

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