Going Bald For Children Battling Cancer Submitted: 04/21/2013
ANTIGO - Sometimes we cut our hair because we want a new look. Some Northwoods residents shaved their heads Saturday, but it wasn't for a fashion statement. Northwood residents recieved a lot of support after shaving their heads and it's all to raise awareness for children with cancer. "It's just an emotional thing. They should be outside playing. They should be doing dress up, playing baseball," head shaving participant, Sarah Winquist said.

"Not getting poked. Needles coming, doctors coming. So it's just nice to raise awareness." This is the first year Antigo had the St. Baldrick's Fundraiser event. Event Coordinator Alisen Fitzpatrick says it all started when her co-worker wanted to shave her head. "Let's start our own. And it became pretty big with the support of the hospital here in Antigo, the hospital in Wausau," Fitzpatrick said. "We both work there and a lot of our coworkers jumped in and helped out and it just kinda became a huge thing." Alisen never thought it would get this emotional. "I was surprised at how many tears were shed, but like I said it's for someone it hits close to home," said Fitzpatrick. "So it is emotional, but it's nice to see that release of emotion in a healthy way." "My cousin here, her name is Amber Pflugshaupt. She was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 11," said head shaving participant, Melanie Zaverosky. "I love you aunt Tamie" head shaving participant, Trisha Randel said. "It started out in the bones and then went to the lungs." Some of the participants don't even know anyone battling cancer. But they still wanted to contribute. Fitzpatrick says they raised more than five thousand dollars. All of the proceeds will go to research for cancer.

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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