Ex-Principal, Football Coach Sentenced to Jail Submitted: 04/11/2013
ANTIGO - Witnesses pleaded to keep John Lund out of jail Thursday. They called him a community leader, a role model, a good father, a good son, and a good husband. His own emotion was on display before the court. Even so, the former Antigo elementary school principal and football coach will be locked up.

"I'm sorry because I let you down," Lund told friends and family in court. A remorseful Lund will go to jail for three months for his involvement in marijuana delivery. "This is very difficult. Mr. Lund is a good man. No question about it. However, he's a good man that did a very bad thing," said Langlade County District Attorney Ralph Uttke. More than two hours in court produced witness after witness that spoke to Lund's character and pleaded for no jail time. Langlade County District Attorney Ralph Uttke, however, asked for Lund to be in jail for six months. "If we don't punish John Lund, with criminal penalties, and that involves incarceration, then we've said, well, if you're of certain class, and if you've done all of the right things in the past, then we're going to forgive it. That sends the wrong message to a community," said Uttke. Seven witnesses had asked Judge Fred Kawalski to consider Lund's years of service to his community. That included Lund's own mother and father. "John is a kind person, a good son, a good father, and a good husband," testified his father, Richard. "John is the type of person that I hope someday my son will grow up to be like," said his friend, Paul Payant. But Lund, the man who shared marijuana with other school staff and coaches in Antigo and Merrill, will serve the time in jail as part of a year and a half on probation. "I reflect every day on my selfishness, my poor decision making, how decision making effects not just yourself, but other people around you," he said.

Story By: Ben Meyer

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