Fire Department Reaches Out Using Social Media Submitted: 04/09/2013
WAUSAU - You can find out all sorts of things on Facebook. Who's single, who had a good bracket, what your coworker had for breakfast. But now you can get information that might help you avoid a traffic jam or even keep you safe. The Wausau Fire Department is on Facebook. Office Assistant Mindy Walker started posting regularly on Facebook and Twitter in March.

"The idea was to get safety information out to our residents," Walker said. "Let them know if there were any road closures or fires in an area, for them to plan accordingly and travel around that area." Before, the department had been limited to the local newspaper for notifications. But social media is faster and more flexible. "Everyone seems to be going more towards the technology," Walker said. "We're reaching a lot more people this way and they're sharing it with their friends." Walker also used the pages to recruit new firefighters.

Story By: Lex Gray

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