Weather Doesn't Stop Runners in Fools Run at Midnight Submitted: 04/07/2013
MINOCQUA - Hundreds of Northwood Residents lined up outside of Lakeland Union High School to run at midnight. "It was a good fun run," said 5K runner, Martin Quick. "A lot of people came out at midnight, lots of families. It was a good event." "I haven't trained for it, so it was kind of challenging, but it was ok," 5K runner Callie Sajdera said. "The wind with this suit isn't very easy, but we made it."

This is the seventh annual Fools Run in Minocqua. Community Coordinator Beth Wetzler says running at midnight is a fun way to welcome spring. "A lot of times we tried to do it right around April fool's day, but because of the way Easter fell this year we weren't able to do that," Wetzler said. "But it's just a celebration of spring and fun and frivolity and what better way to do that than a crazy race at midnight." Even though it was raining, snowing and even sleeting, that didn't stop runners from accomplishing their goal. "If anything it was nice because it was a little colder so it kept me kind of cool, especially in this." said 5K runner, Adam Grey. "The weather doesn't bother me," Quick said. "I think it makes it more of a challenge and another reason to do it." After the race was over, there were awards for best costume and winners for 5 and 10k runners. "It's nice to get out and do something, Women's 10k winner, Andrea Miller said. "What else are you going to do at midnight?" If you missed it this year, runners say you'll have to check it out next time. "If anyone is afraid to do a 5k out there, don't be afraid," 5K runner, Megan Schroeder said. "You don't have to go the whole entire time. It's a lot of fun. Bring your friends. Bring your family." "It's just fun to go out and dress up like a fool and run a 5k or 10k if you're that ambitious," Sajdera said. "They should come out and do it next year."

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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