Go To Bat For Easton Benefit Submitted: 04/06/2013
RHINELANDER - A young boy battling cancer received a lot of support from the Rhinelander community today. 13 year old Easton Senoraske is fighting Leukemia. Easton plays baseball which is why today's benefit was called "Go to Bat for Easton". He wants to make this a yearly event because he knows he's not the only one battling cancer.

"For me it's kind of cool because I know a lot of other kids have it," Easton said. "They said it could happen to anybody and that they're not alone and keep fighting every day." Kathy Senoraske says this has been a hard time for the family, so they appreciate all the support. "Today is overwhelming. It's awesome to see all of the support from the family and friends and as Mark mentioned when we did our thank you, people have come a long way," said Kathy. "We're getting donations from as far as Texas. So it's just phenomenal." Kathy says Easton is doing well, but he has to be careful not to get sick.

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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