New Campground Could Draw Events to Tomahawk Submitted: 04/04/2013
TOMAHAWK - Tomahawk could become a camper's paradise soon. The city would also be able to host more events as it goes forward with the idea for a new campground. The city has been looking at expanding camping options in its parks. City leaders picked SARA Park as the best spot for up to 100 more campsites. The new campground is still only in planning stages.

But it's already caught the attention of many event organizers. "We've been approached by a number of different people that run events in the area who look at the opportunity to run an event at a facility like this that could really accommodate their needs as being very interesting to them," says Tomahawk Public Works Director Mike Tolvstad. Those organizers include people in charge of summer baseball and softball in Tomahawk. They told the city creating a new campground would be great for their group. "They were extremely interested in seeing the camping expanded and some of the other facilities because they run tournaments. Last year, they were telling us there was one tournament where people had to stay in Wausau because there weren't enough lodging facilities in the area," Tolvstad says. Now, the city wants to hear from residents, groups, and businesses on what they want from the campground. They're hosting a meeting next Tuesday. "What we're trying to do with this next meeting is trying to get all of the interested parties in a room at the same time and talk about exactly what they want to see these facilities be like in the future," says Tolvstad. That will include specific talks about shower and restroom facilities, and how modern the campsites should be. The meeting is at 5pm next Tuesday at City Hall.

Story By: Ben Meyer

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