Tech College Shows Off Wood Industry Center to High Schoolers Submitted: 04/03/2013
ANTIGO - More people work in wood-related jobs in Wisconsin than in any other U.S. state. Employers constantly need young, talented people with training in wood technology to complete their workforce. Now, a local technical college is helping students as young as 15 years old think about their future in wood.

On Wednesday, Northcentral Tech College's Antigo campus showed off their Wood Tech Center to high schoolers in the Northwoods. "Before students come here, they don't realize that there are job opportunities or career opportunities within the wood industry. When they come in here and see our facility and see our equipment, and they see what the program is all about, it really opens up their eyes," says Wood Tech Instructor Travis Allen. NTC's Wood Tech Center is new - it was only completed in 2011. Students from nearly a dozen school districts got to make something of their own on campus. "They're going through the ripping, the chopping, the gluing, the sanding, the CNC routering of this cutting board, so they get this feel for mass production," Allen says. Students at the Wood Tech Center choose from either a technical degree or a more advanced associates degree. That puts them in a great position for landing a job right after getting their diploma. "We're not training people to stack lumber. We're training people that can run optimizing equipment, that can ship wood to China, or Vietnam, or the East Coast or West Coast. We provide a lot of different career options for these students," says Allen. Search "NTC Wood Technology" on Facebook for more information on the program.

Story By: Ben Meyer

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