Living History Helps Third Graders Learn Submitted: 03/28/2013
RHINELANDER - Getting kids to take interest in people that lived more than a hundred years ago can be tough. But one Northwoods teacher figured out a way. Michelle Flohr's third grade class created a wax museum today at Crescent Elementary School. Students pretended to be famous Americans. They dressed up and gave short biographies of people like Harry Houdini, Rosa Parks, and Steve Jobs.

We talked to Houdini, known on most days as Colton Lemen. "It's kind of nervous at first, but once you get halfway through and then you kind of feel good and fluent," Colton said. "When you keep doing it, you're really fluent anad then you keep getting better and better." Students from other classes got a history lesson by visiting the wax museum. For Flohr's class, the museum seems like play. But she says they're learning important skills. "They did so much researching between looking on the web, using books, finding pictures," Flohr said. "They had to do a lot of note-taking, they learned how to make timelines, and also how to write a biography." The wax museum was open to parents and other classes for two hours this morning.

Story By: Lex Gray

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