Mole Lake Gang Homicide Attempt Puts Daniels Behind Bars Submitted: 03/26/2013
CRANDON - Every gang needs a local "enforcer" or "leader". Among the Latin Kings gang in Forest County, it looks like Jesse Daniels was that person. Forest County's top prosecutor said Daniels was the one calling the shots last February. That's when a man was nearly stabbed to death by the Latin Kings in Mole Lake.

On Tuesday, Daniels got the harshest punishment so far of the six charged in the stabbing. Daniels becomes the fourth person to be put in prison in this case. He will be imprisoned for eight years, with eight more on extended supervision to follow. That's on the charge of second degree intentional homicide for trying to stab the Wausau man to death. "When we look at everyone involved, Mr. Daniels is the leader. Mr. Daniels is the one that organized all of this. Mr. Daniels is the one who had the investment of $20,000. He's the enforcer for the Latin Kings. He's the one that gave the orders. He's the one that made the planning. He's the one that coordinated with Trevor Lenz and the other guys to make sure that this occurred," said Forest County District Attorney Chuck Simono during the sentencing. The eight year prison sentence is actually more than Simono asked for. Daniels' attorney argued for a three-year prison sentence. But Judge Patrick O'Melia showed little sympathy. "You hit somebody with a frying pan. A cast iron frying pan. I read somewhere that it broke out the bottom. I thought, no, it must have been a typo, or this thing was so badly rotted, I don't know. Even that, to pop out the bottom of a frying pan, could have killed him," he said. It's the second time in his life Daniels will be imprisoned. His criminal record goes back to 2002, when he was just nine years old. "I hope and pray that the time I'm sentenced to won't take too much time away from me and my family. While I'm incarcerated, my understanding will be to learn from my actions and my mistakes," Daniels told O'Melia. We mentioned Daniels is the fourth of the six suspects sent to prison. The total time imprisoned between those four will be 23 years. Two more defendants in the case, Dakota Tuckwab and Trevor Lenz, wait for trial dates in June.

Story By: Ben Meyer

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