Merrill's First Bridal Expo Submitted: 03/24/2013
MERRILL - This is the first year Merrill organized the bridal expo at the Smith Center. One of the main events was the fashion show. "It's nice to see all the different fashions right now just to get some ideas because I'm not really sure what I'm going to go with yet." said bride-to-be, Mary Kelnholfer. Brides who haven't had time to taste test cakes at a local bakery got that chance with a couple of the venders.

"We've had a lot of people come by and talk about ideas for their wedding, flavor ideas, color ideas and different ways that we can really customize all the different deserts to fit their receptions." Sweet Life Bakery Boutique Owner, Katie Anderson said. The venders ranged from honeymoon planning to jewelry and hair care products. "We have catering companies. We have floral, Rosie's floral," Merrill Park and Recreation Department Administrative Assistant, Dawn Smith said. "So we have a wide variety of venders here." If you're stumped about what to add for entertainment at your wedding, there's something you can do which is old school, but has a new twist. "It's like the old drug store photo booth. You used to put a quarter in and it was film. Now it's all digital," said Owner of Brian West Show, Brian West. "It's a lot of fun scrapbook memories. And it's a great take away for couples and their guest." Another attraction that drew in the crowd was the cake dive. "Ten brides will be chosen. They have to keep one hand behind their back and they will take their other hand and actually have to dig into the cake," Smith said. "We have ten rings buried inside the cake with the prizes in. " There was even a man cave for the brave men who joined their fiancÚs. "It was fun. I won a lot of prizes and relaxed," said fiancÚ, Jason Goldwski. "Watched her enjoy herself. That was the main reason I came."

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Story By: Shardaa Gray

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