Students Use iPads in the Classroom Thanks to Grant Submitted: 03/22/2013
MERRILL - To make learning fun, some teachers might use flash cards, games or computers. In one Northwoods elementary school, they're using iPads. Dee Van Der Geest got an iPad for her class last spring as part of a school-wide program at Kate Goodrich Elementary. But she wanted more students to use iPads in the classroom.

So she applied for a grant from the Merrill Community Foundation. The "Beyond Crayons and Computers" grant put 2 more iPads in the classroom. "We want to move our children into the 21st century, through technology. And that is a way for that to happen. And I'm hoping also that they can take their skills home and teach their parents about them," said Van Der Geest. Students use reading, math and science programs on their iPads. Second grader Maria Kildho loves it for the math games. "My favorite game on here is math bingo. And that's pretty fun because I'm the only player on there, and I can win," said Kildho. Van der Geest says the iPads have been a motivational tool for her second graders. They look forward to using them every day.

Story By: Hayley Tenpas

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