Hometown Pharmacy Moves to New Spot Submitted: 03/20/2013
MERRILL - Big name stores dominate many small towns. But in Merrill, one store owner thinks bigger isn't always better. Forrest Young owns Hometown Pharmacy in Merrill. At the end of last year, it moved from Main Street to East Second Street. The new spot isn't far from the old one, but it has on-site parking and a drive-through. That makes it convenient, just like big chains.

But Young says he offers something different. "The main thing is customer service. We know that vast majority of our customers by name when they come in here," he says. "We've had instances in the past where people switch over, and they're just taken aback by how quickly we learn their names and treat them as if they've been coming to our pharmacy forever." Hometown Pharmacy moved into Merrill about three years ago. The store attracts a lot of seniors, but Young hopes the new spot will attract a new crowd. "People that prefer a Walmart, Walgreens type of experience are younger, they prefer being able to get in and out quicker, do some shopping while they're in there," Young says. "So we're hoping that with the middle school and the grocery store, we'll attract some of the younger customers, that we can grow with them, as well as make it easier access for our older customers." Young was renting the Main Street store, but bought this building. He says he plans on being in Merrill for a long time.

Story By: Lex Gray

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