Tomahawk Police's New Focus Leads to Drug Arrests Submitted: 03/19/2013
TOMAHAWK - Tomahawk Police want to be more proactive about finding drug houses in their city. That push has started to pay off. Three people are now in Lincoln County Jail on drug charges. They were arrested after police used a search warrant to find evidence against them on Friday.

It's the third time since November a search warrant has led to arrests in Tomahawk. This time, it was near the intersection of Charlotte Street and Highway 86 on the city's east side. "The approximate that we seized was approximately $4,000 worth of street value, of a mixture of marijuana, cocaine, and prescription pills. It's wasn't this huge one, but for this area, it was larger than the normal," says Tomahawk Police Investigator John DuPlayee. It was a full team effort. All seven officers on the Tomahawk staff were there. Two sheriff's deputies were on standby. They arrested Jason Echterling, Andrew Prokudowicz, and Danielle Stevens. Those three are in Lincoln County Jail. The search warrant and arrests are part of a bigger effort by Tomahawk police to be more proactive on drug enforcement. "Going out and taking extra steps to develop an investigation instead of waiting for it to be reported to us. We're actually taking steps to create the investigation with information that we hear or learn about," says DuPlayee. Echterling will first appear in Lincoln County Court next Monday on three felony charges. We're still waiting on court dates for the other two.

Story By: Ben Meyer

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