Travel Wisconsin's latest ad filmed in Northwoods, features 'Airplane!' star Submitted: 03/18/2013
MADISON - Monday's snow makes us dream of warm summer days on the lake. Travel Wisconsin's newest commercial brings those dreams to life with an 80s movie star. That commercial debuted Monday. We took you out to the filming session on Plum Lake last June. The spot features "Airplane!" actor Robert Hays playing a befuddled fisherman on a beautiful summer day where everything seems to go wrong.

The ad includes the tagline, "It doesn't take any special skill to enjoy Wisconsin, just drop in." Gov. Scott Walker joined Hays and director David Zucker to unveil the new TV spot during a tourism conference in Madison. The state Department of Tourism says the industry generates $16 billion in sales annually. We have a link to the full commercial below.

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Story By: The Associated Press & WJFW News Team

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