Boy Saves Brother From Fire, but Two Others Die Submitted: 03/18/2013
WEST ALLIS - A boy saved his younger brother, from a fire in southern Wisconsin. Unfortunately he wasn't able to save two others. Police and family members say a 13 year old boy pulled his 4 year old brother from a burning duplex in West Allis. Another brother and a friend died in that fire. They were in the upper apartment of the duplex when the fire started early yesterday.

A relative says she saw flames coming from the duplex. She saw 13 year old Joel Gonzales tried to go back into the burning duplex to get the others after he rescued the 4 year old, but the flames were too much. The brothers who escaped the fire are recovering at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. (Copyright 2013 Associated Press - All Rights Reserved)

Story By: Associated Press

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