Tuition Hikes May Ease for U.W. Students Submitted: 03/08/2013
MADISON - Students In the University of Wisconsin System have gotten used to regular tuition hikes of more than five percent, but they might be in line to see some relief. The governor's proposed two-year budget includes 181-million dollars in new taxpayer investments in the UW System. The money could allow the board of regents to impose a smaller tuition increase than in previous years.

Freda Harris is the UW System's vice president for budget and planning. She said yesterday that students pay 70 percent of the cost of their education with the state making up the rest. Officials are hoping to close that gap. She says in the 1970s, the state paid 75 percent of the cost of education. (Copyright 2013 Associated Press - All Rights Reserved)

Story By: Associated Press

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