Battle brewing over who built historic Antigo cabin Submitted: 03/05/2013
ANTIGO - People can't seem to agree on who built the first home in Antigo. But does it matter? It does to Chuck Plzak. He says his ancestor built the structure that would become the historic Deleglise Cabin.

"That is the cabin that was the first home that was built in Antigo, that was built for Francis Deleglise by my great-great-grandfather George Eckart," he told us. Deleglise is often considered the "Father of Antigo". Today, the Langlade County Historical Society shows off the Deleglise Cabin on their museum grounds. But the society says Plzak's great-great-grandfather shouldn't get full credit for being the original builder. They told Chuck that today's cabin is in fact a completely separate building than the one he thinks his ancestor built. "You know, if I wasn't told it so many times by my grandmother, and shown it by my father, the same thing, this is what your great-great-grandfather built. This is how he came here, this is what he did, and embedded it into me, yeah, maybe it wouldn't make that big of a difference," Chuck says. But the difference to Chuck is huge. For now, the Historical Society's story sticks as the official narrative.

Story By: Ben Meyer

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