USPS Gets Creative with Village Post Offices in Northwoods Submitted: 02/27/2013
PICKEREL - Sending mail will soon be more difficult if you live in a rural area. Post offices are cutting hours - and sometimes closing. But in Pickerel, the U.S. Postal Service has a creative solution. Lotter's BP gas station is the home of one of the first five Village Post Offices in the state.

"You can get different basic postal services at one of these locations, that, at times, might be more conducive or convenient for our customers," says USPS Spokesman Sean Hargadon. Pickerel's post office is about to scale back to four hours a day. But the Village Post Office at the gas station is open at least 12 hours daily. It provides basic services like buying stamps, buying and sending flat-rate boxes, and a collection box. "Most of the people like the convenience of just being able to come to one stop. They don't have to make another stop down at the post office. We have a collection box outside. They have the ability to drop off their mail for pickup by 10:30 in the morning here, or they still have a collection box down at the post office three doors down that has a collection period at the end of the day," says station owner Kay Lotter. The USPS plans to expand the Village Post Office program. Right now, Auburndale is the only other community in our area with a location.

Story By: Ben Meyer

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