Antigo Health Department Gives Out Free Vaccines Submitted: 02/27/2013
ANTIGO - We might be slowly getting past the flu season, but one health department says it's still important to get other vaccine shots. Langlade County Health department is giving out free vacines. They do this once every four weeks on Wednesdays. Public Health Nursing Supervisor Karen Hegranes says people might question whether or not they should get the shot. "Before you get sick, we want to prevent that with an immunization," said Hegranes.

"We really are hoping that we get more people to think that they probably could protect themselves and then protect those around them." The unique part about the health clinic is if you don't have insurance, they can still vaccinate you. "So really there's only a small number of people who we would encourage them. We might be able to vaccinate them today, but then send them to their primary care physician in the future and just redirect them," Hegranes said. "So for the most part we're feeling like we can give everyone an opportunity to be vaccinated." Beyond the Flu, some vaccines people might not think about are Hepatitis A, HPV and Influenza.

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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