Hodag could be named 'Best High School Sports Mascot' Submitted: 02/27/2013
RHINELANDER - We see them up and down the sidelines of some of our favorite sporting events. Big stuffed birds, dogs, and some things we wouldn't even know what they were, unless they were our very own. The Rhinelander Hodag is in a national mascot competition where the winner will be named... "The Best High School Sports Mascot in America" It all started with a phone call from USA Today to Rhinelander School District's Activities Director Charlie Laham.

He was asked to describe the story behind the unique Rhinelander High School mascot. "It's my recollection that the hodag would eat white bull dogs. That's how the story was around the campfire and as I was told. So I shared that with him and got quite a chuckle." The Hodag was selected along with five other Wisconsin mascots to compete nationally for the best mascot title. The competition will last throughout the month of March with several winners advancing through different rounds. In the end only one, enthusiastic, person-stuffed suit can win. "This fictitious, prehistoric creature, from the woods that is one of a kind and just seeing it, I think you'd have to vote for it." Voting for the first round of the competition ends in six days. You can help the Hodag win by following the link under this story on our webpage.

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Story By: Ryan Michaels

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