Cub Scouts Participate in Pinewood Derby Submitted: 02/24/2013
RHINELANDER - Some life lessons are harder to teach your kids than others, but one group of boys learned about sportsmanship Saturday. Cub Scout Pack 660 competed against each other in a Pinewood Derby race. The boys designed their cars with the help of their parents. They compete for the fastest car and peoples choice for best looking car. Even though Shaun Timm won twice, he knows that winning isn't everything.

"Me and my dad said, 'It doesn't matter as long as you like your car. It's the way you want your car to be.'" said Timm. "If it doesn't win, so what? You don't have to win everything. Sometimes it's ok to lose." The most important thing is for the boys to have fun. Cub Scout Master, Paul Gatewood, says that's what Pack leaders strive for. "That's the big life lesson that they have to learn," Gatewood said. "I know in our last race we just had two brothers going against each other. It was so nice to see one them congratulate the other one immediately. He was like 'Hey you won! Alright.' And that's neat to see." Next Saturday they'll have a district race at the Riverwalk Mall. Everybody in the Crystal Lake district will be able to race their cars.

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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