Medford High School students see hightened security after threat Submitted: 02/22/2013
MEDFORD - For the first time ever, policemen checked Medford students with metal detectors and pat-downs Friday. A threat at Medford Area Senior High Thursday sent the district and law enforcement into high alert. Police won't tell us yet just what the threatening message said. Medford high school staff found it in a girls bathroom at the end of the school day Thursday. Police and sheriff's deputies worked hard to make sure the school was completely safe.

"Every locker, every classroom, every closet, every nook and cranny was clear of any weapons or anything that could potentially harm students or staff," Medford Police Chief Ken Coyer said. The district gave parents the option to keep their kids home today. Only about a quarter of enrolled students at the high school were there today. They were met by a strong police presence. "We felt it a credible threat, because of the nature of it," District Administrator Pat Sullivan said. "We knew that we had to secure the building for the next day. We felt we could. We really felt we could make the building safe the next day for school." Even so, Medford wanted to give parents a choice. Sullivan said he expects school to be back to normal Monday. Police have what they're calling "persons of interest" right now.

Story By: Ben Meyer

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