Fairgrounds could come back bigger, better Submitted: 02/18/2013
MERRILL - A storm ripped down Lincoln County's fairgrounds last summer. But now, an even better facility could be in the works. Merrill-based Agra Industries proposed a 3,400-seat arena to take the place of the old grandstand. The Fairgrounds User Group wants to use it for more than just the fair itself.

"It's a facility that's covered. It's big enough to do rodeos and different events in it. It's big enough for concerts. It's what they're looking for. Obviously, the question is how it gets paid for," says Randy Scholz, the Lincoln Co. Administrative Coordinator. Agra's proposal would cost around $7 million. Insurance would cover more than a million dollars of the cost. How to pay for the rest hasn't been decided. The Public Property Committee will meet later this week to talk about hiring an architect for the arena.

Story By: Ben Meyer

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