Landfill to double in size Submitted: 02/18/2013
IRMA - Lincoln County sends 40 thousand tons of trash to Irma every year. Now, the county needs somewhere new to dump that trash. Two years from now, the current landfill will be completely full. So the county is building another landfill to hold $1.2 million cubic yards of waste. The price tag?

$11.5 million dollars. "We need to actually construct the next cell - do base-grade construction, install the clay liner, install the composite liner, document it, DNR inspects all of it," says Dan Miller, the Lincoln Co. Solid Waste Manager. If all goes as planned, the new landfill will be set to open in early 2014. Construction has already started on the new site, which is right next to the old one. "It's full speed ahead now. In fact, today we're hauling clay. We've got a couple of more days left. We've hauled in about 54,000 tons of clay for the next cell," says Miller. The clay is part of the liner for the landfill. About 40 truckloads a day of clay are being delivered.

Story By: Ben Meyer

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