ArtStart Renovations Moving Forward Submitted: 02/18/2013
RHINELANDER - Artwork will hang on brand new walls in Rhinelander this spring. ArtStart organizers moved forward with renovations inside Rhinelander's old Federal Building. Contractors and volunteers gutted the inside of the building in early January. Right now, the walls are up and partially painted. Flooring, ceiling and lighting should be finished in time for the building to reopen in April.

The rebuilt space has three galleries and a community room. President Ken Juon hopes the community will put the space to different uses. "The primary function of the building will be visual arts gallery. There will be also the opportunity for small concerts, poetry reading, films, things of that sort," Juon said. "So we needed space that was going to be fairly flexible for a lot of different activities." This last renovation phase includes finishing touches like tables, glass doors, and a film projector. Juon hopes they'll have enough money to finish that by February 2014.

Story By: Lex Gray

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