Open Enrollment Application Re-Opened in Wisconsin School Districts Submitted: 02/11/2013
EAGLE RIVER - Having your child get the best education might be your top priority. That's what one school district in the Northwoods wants for its students as well. Just last week on February fourth, school districts throughout Wisconsin opened their enrollment programs. The program gives parents the opportunity to send kids to the district of their choice.

Just last year, Northland Pines school district had 77 students come in and 71 went out. District Administrator, Mike Richie, thinks this is a great option for parents. "It's about accountability and it's about what's best for their specific children. So again I'm a fan of open enrollment," Richie said. "I think it helps makes districts accountable. I think that parents should have the option as to what school or school district they would like to send their children, no matter where they live." Amy Price is a teacher at Northland Pines High School and wants the best for her son. She wants him to have the best options to be successful. "We know that he will be given a lot of opportunities that he may not have been able to have at the other district that he would have been attending." said Price. The state's open enrollment progam started in 1998. There have been new changes to program this year. The application for the program will close April 30th. Districts will notify parents June 7th whether their application has been approved or denied.

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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