Rep. Wright holds Town Hall meeting Submitted: 02/07/2013
WAUSAU - Governor Walker will unveil Wisconsin's budget in a couple of weeks. On Thursday, local politicians and voters discussed that budget proposal and other legislative topics. Representative Mandy Wright held the town hall meeting in Wausau. The stop is part of the "Middle Class Values Tour". She was joined by Milwaukee Senator and Democratic Leader Chris Larson.

Their goal was to reach out to the community and hear concerns. They put special focus on Badgercare. "That [Badgercare] would mean 10 thousand jobs in Wisconsin, and it's estimated a thousand jobs in Marathon county it would have reprocussions for our education community and of course our technical colleges and UW-MC not to mention the thousands, tens of hundreds of thousands of people actually who would have access to healthcare who currently do not," said Rep. Wright. People actually didn't bring up mining at the meeting. But Representative Wright still believes the topic is important. "The real message is that mining is all about jobs, and I would like to propose since the governor and many other people connected with the mining proposal have acknowleged that any mines would not come within 5-7 years of this legislation being passed, then it's really not about jobs," said Rep. Wright. They also talked about education and job creation. Some of that focus was on Wausau Paper. The company recently decided to sell three of their plants including the one in Rhinelander. Rep. Wright says working to keeping those jobs here is one of her biggest concerns.

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