UPDATE: RFD magnet donations NOT a scam Submitted: 02/07/2013
RHINELANDER - Earlier Thursday the Rhinelander Fire Deparment warned us of people pretending to be gathering money for them door-to-door. The fire department thought it was a scam. Turns out it was all just a misunderstanding. The Rhinelander Fire Department got several phone calls this week from people asking about it. In return for a donation the person is offering a refrigerator magnet.

Current firefighters didn't know about the donations and were concerned. But according to Lt. Aaron Swaney says the magnets are actually part of a contract signed years ago by a previous Rhinelander fire chief. So, donations given to people going door to door will go toward the Rhinelander Fire Department's children education fund. If you're more comfortable donating in person, any donations can also be made at the station.

Story By: Ryan Michaels & WJFW News Team

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