Merrill Singer Goes Nationwide Submitted: 02/07/2013
MERRILL - Songs often come to Debbie Merkel while at home in Merrill. But those tunes are now going national. We caught up with a Northwoods recording artist getting her biggest break yet in music. "I write about what's going on in my own life and what others can relate to," she says.

Now, people across the world will be able to relate to the Merrill Christian artist. "I'll get inspired by something a friend says or something that I see, something that happened to me," she says. Debbie's been singing since she was eight years old. But she just broke through and signed with the record label Musik and Film. She's been on the radio in 25 states since September, with the song "On Heaven's Wings." Debbie is no stranger to the national stage. "I've been to showcases in Nashville, I've been to Chicago, I've been to Minnesota, Michigan. Wherever anybody wants me - have microphone, will travel," she laughs. Her goal for the listener is simple. "It makes them feel joyous inside, it makes them feel inspired, it makes them feel happy, and I like to hear that feedback back, because that's what motivates me and that's what is my intention," she says. Debbie's official signing release party comes up next Saturday, February 16 in Merrill. The event will be at the First Street Coffee Station at 6pm. The public is invited.

Story By: Ben Meyer

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