Time Capsule Opens New Memories Submitted: 02/06/2013
EAGLE RIVER - Finding an old keepsake can be a nice surprise. But uncovering an entire box of history is an even bigger find. Maintenance staff Ministry Eagle River Memorial Hospital has been taking down parts of the old hospital wing for weeks. In the process, they found a forgotten time capsule dating to the original construction of the hospital in 1960.

"A lot of people had forgotten about it. There's a few people that thought something was there, either in the cornerstone itself or somewhere around the building. But it was a surprise to find it," said Laura Magstadt, the Director of Nursing and Operations. The Eagle River community pushed hard to get their own hospital in the late 1950's. Many of the items in the time capsule are reminders of the work people did and money they raised to make it happen. Shirley Spiess was one of the original members of the Hospital Auxiliary. "It really brought back a lot of memories and things that had kind of left my mind. But now, they came back and made me happy that I was a part of it," she said. Even one of the original doctors from the hospital was on hand to see the time capsule's opening.

Story By: Ben Meyer

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