Merrill Weight Race challenges community Submitted: 02/05/2013
MERRILL - Losing weight can be challenging on your own. That's why one Northwoods community is encouraging people to come together in support of healthier lifestyles. The Merrill Weight Race is gaining hundreds of participants. Their one goal is to lose weight.

Riverside Athletic Club and Ministry Health Care teamed up for the event. They're challenging people of all shapes and sizes to get healthy over the next four months. Participants will weigh in monthly and compete in challenges. "We've created some weekly challenges for them to incorporate into their lifestyle that are setting the groundwork for the foundation for some of those healthy habits for a weight loss program or just living healthier. They can ban together for support but then we'll also provide education," said Tom Weaver, Ministry Health Care public relations. Ministry Health Care and Riverside Athletic Club will be providing professional support for participants. They hope the program helps people lose weight and be healthy. "A program like this can either be as simple as people making a few changes in their diet, exercising a little bit, that may make a lot of difference really ramp up and do things pretty seriously make dramatic changes, increase exercise a lot," said Weaver. The Merrill Weight Race program is completely free to participants. You can compete on a team or on your own. They only require you to attend a monthly educational program and weigh in once a month to see your progress.

Story By: Hayley Tenpas

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