Tomahawk School District Gets New Technology Submitted: 02/05/2013
TOMAHAWK - When you help your children with homework, you probably grab a pen and a piece of paper. One local district is using a different method to teach their students. Students at Tomahawk Middle and High School already have some experience with new technology. This fall, every single student will have a Google Chromebook. They're like Macbooks, but less expensive and more efficient.

This new laptop will give the students and teachers the chance to communicate inside and outside the classroom. German Teacher and Blended Learning Designer, Brian Casey, said they can do almost anything that they couldn't do two years ago. "I just scheduled an interview for next month on Google hangouts with a Holocaust survivor at the national Holocaust museum," said Casey. "We're doing that on Google hangouts. That wouldn't have happened last year and it's happening now." Taking a test or quiz may be a little less stressful after using the new laptops. Sophomore Heidi Massa says it's easier to work with others using the Chromebook. "I know a lot of kids can type faster than they write so that will allow you to elaborate more," Massa said. "For multiple choice test, it will be fine because it saves paper and it's not any harder or less hard. It also gives you immediate feedback, which is nice." The district is paying for the laptops with a grant so it won't cost the taxpayers anything. They're using the money from Microsoft settlement. Teachers and students think it's a great investment.

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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