State GOP Legislators Come to Central Wisconsin For Annual Dinner Submitted: 02/03/2013
ROTHSCHILD - It was a packed house at the Patriot Center in Rothschild Saturday night. The Lincoln Day Dinner kicked off with a bit of mingling, but the event was really about getting involved in your government. "I think if more people would do it, I think our country would be better served, said Congressman Sean Duffy. "We have so many people out here engaging in the process today. On the Republican side is excellent and it's a great way when the democrats do it too. This is government participation and to come out and see your governor, your assemblymen, your senator… yea that's fantastic."

This is the second annual dinner. Legislatures from different counties came as one and discussed different topics. State Representative of the 87th District Mary Williams loves everything about events like this. "I have one of the largest districts in the state. So it's rather hard to get to everybody when we do doors, you know to get to everybody," Williams said. "But in an event like this just think of all the people that you can meet inside your district and outside your district." The main message Governor Scott Walker wanted the people take away is that Republican needs to reconstruct the bases of their party. "Their dream is that someday that through their hard work and determination they'll live their own life and pursue their own jobs and start their own company, to make their kids get an education that allows them to do a better job than they did," said Governor Walker. "That's the message we need to take because that's a relevant message in every one of those groups I mentioned, every other person in this state and in this country. That's the message that republicans need to deliver because that's the bases of our party." The event included speeches from state senators, state reps and of course, good old fashioned campaigning. "There's a primary election February 19th and I'd like all of the voters out there to remember to go to the polls and to vote for Pat Roggensack." said Supreme Court Justice Pat Roggensack. "This is probably the biggest audience I've talked in front of, especially this race," said Representative Don Pridemore. "So it allows more efficiency in terms of campaigning strategy. That's why I'm so glad to be here and glad I was invited."

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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