Wausau Alternative School Faces Closure Submitted: 01/31/2013
WAUSAU - The last thing a parent wants to hear is their child's school could possibly close, but that's what one alternative school in northern Wisconsin is facing. Students and teachers at Storefront Learning Center in Wausau are livid. Their alternative high school could possibly close if they don't get the funding to keep their doors open. The could happen as soon as June. The North Central Community Action Program funds the school. They had a lot of budget cuts, but unfortunately Storefront was apart of it.

The director of Storefront Learning Center, Mary Jaax, has been working there for over 40 years. "Our budget is very minimal. So to be told there's not enough money to run this program, it was very disappointing and very surprising because if you don't educate children, it will cost way more" Jaax said. Their main concern is to make sure the students graduate at the end of the year. Students like Austin Betts feels more comfortable at storefront than any other high school. "I think just like the relations with everybody. The teachers are a lot more close," said Betts. "You can talk to the teachers pretty much about anything. Just the comfort ability here, I feel a lot more welcomed." The school has approached some of the local foundations who are willing to help them out. Storefront will do everything they can to raise money to keep the school running. If the school does close, the director says she will do her best to work with public school system to get them into another alternative school.

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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