Small Business Helps Train Participates For Potential Job Submitted: 01/30/2013
ANTIGO - A small business wants to help you out with finding a job. It may not provide a job right away, but they can help you develop the skills to get one. Foward Service Corporation is a private nonprofit business that helps provide training, employment and support. The focus of this program is to help prepare for the work environment and tweak resumes. Case manager Danni Grochowski says even though it's a struggle to land a job in this economy, her goal is to help start something new.

"We decided to offer a bunch of new workshops this year to help them get out of the house and engage in something else," said Grochowski. "Do something different. We meet with them regularly about how to stay focused, how to stay positive and we try to let them know of any new jobs out there that they can apply for. We help them do that." A key to getting a job is building a network. Erica Berg is also a Case Manager at Forward Service Corporation. One of the other goals are to make a connection with employers. "We can help pay for part of the training employees working for our company. There's also trial jobs through W2 and the work experience site too," said Berg. "So we're looking at hopefully to setting up some more of those kinds of things this year." The Workforce Investment Act is another option. It helps participants interested in enhancing their education and ultimately finding a skilled labor job.

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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