Congressman Duffy holds town hall style meeting in Wausau Submitted: 01/28/2013
WAUSAU - Representative Sean Duffy was in Wausau Monday evening at UW Marathon County. He brought the hot topics in Washington closer to home and up for discussion. Duffy encouraged people at the town hall style meeting to ask questions and raise concerns. Right away, questions came up about gun control.

Representative Duffy says it goes beyond fire arms. "For me, I think we need to have a conversation in our communities and societies, about what we do about mental health, what we do with video games, what we do with other areas of the law. As opposed to taking firearms or clips away from law abiding citizens," said Rep. Duffy. Also on the docket was the current US budget. Plenty of people want to know what the next step is for balancing a budget and getting out of debt. "So now we've just navigated a bill where the senate is going to lead to pass a budget and when you have a senate pass a budget, that balances and a house pass a budget that balances we can now have a conversation about where we prioritize our spending and to get us on the tragectory to balance- that's a really important thing," said Rep. Duffy. We asked Representative Duffy about creating logging jobs in the Northwoods. He said economic growth is important for the forest products industry. "But we understand, I understand how important logging is to Wisconsin's history and to our current economy and I'm going to keep fighting to make sure we open up those forests so we don't have to have some of our mills importing wood from Canada. Which is absolutely insane," said Rep. Duffy. Other topics included the mining bill, immigration and social security. These town hall meetings have been held in every county Duffy represents. No word on when the next will be scheduled.

Story By: Hayley Tenpas

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