Rhinelander High School Gets New Liaison Officer Submitted: 01/23/2013
RHINELANDER - Parents send their children to school expecting a safe environment. In Rhinelander, someone new will be making sure that happens. Tyler Young is a new liaison officer at Rhinelander High School. He is a native of Rhinelander and graduated in 1989. He has seven children with two of them at the high school right now. "They're groomed into it because dad's always been in law enforcement and we were able to talk about it more," said Young.

"They were able to talk about with their grandfather because their grandfather was a English teacher, vice principal and principal here." Getting up for work for most people can be a pain, but Young looks forward to going to work everyday. "A lot of time when I work patrol, a lot of your contacts with people weren't always positive. The majority were involved in corrective work on somebody's behavior or what they're doing," Young said. "At the school here, most of my contacts throughout the day are positive. Positive energy. Happy people. And it makes it fun to go to work." He says the district strives to improve on the safety of the staff and students.

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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