Rhinelander family's truck stolen while warming up Submitted: 01/21/2013
RHINELANDER - If you find yourself unlucky enough to have to go into work during this cold snap, conventional wisdom tells you to warm up your car while waiting inside. After yesterday morning, you might want to wait in your car and one Rhinelander family might think twice before warming up their car. That's because yesterday- it was stolen. Right from their driveway. Angela Lund was standing inside her garage on Pioneer Street.

Her husband was warming up the truck just steps away. That's when Angela saw the truck start to move, and she didn't recognize the driver. �I heard it running and then my mother said to me, where's Eric going? That's my husband�s name, and I'm like I don't know, and then all of a sudden when I could see it in my view, I saw that it wasn't my husband. And I'm like that's not Eric, so I ran inside the house and I'm like Eric, somebody's stealing your car,� said Lund. Angela's husband then jumped into their other vehicle to chase after the woman. The Oneida County Sheriff's Office quickly caught up as well. Turns out the woman was actually one of the Lund's neighbors. Although it made for an exciting day, Angela says she still can't believe it happened. �I just, well I, this is me. I couldn't believe it. I mean, I don't know how fast I reacted, but whatever it was it wasn't fast enough. Because obviously, I didn't stop her,� said Lund. The Lund's plan to lock up their vehicles while warming them up from now on. They advise everyone else to do the same. No word from the Oneida County Sheriff's Office if charges were filed against the woman who took the vehicle.

Story By: Hayley Tenpas

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