Experts Advise Five Minute Warm Up For Car Time Submitted: 01/21/2013
RHINELANDER - Frigid temperatures in the Northwoods, stil take many of us by surprise. The last thing you want to find is a car that won't start. "You should have an emergency kit with you, blanket and some power bars. Water maybe. It will probably freeze." said Wish. But sometimes when we're on the run, planning ahead may not be our top priority.

Don Wish is the Manager at D&J truck and equipment repair. He's seen the damages of not taking care of your car in the winter time. "Some of these cars will build up a lot of condensation in their gas tanks and you definitely don't want your gas line to freeze up." Wish said. Debby Skrobot says she's always prepared, even if her car sits outside overnight. "My car is outside overnight and I probably won't do anything different." said Skorobot. "I've got a really good battery and that's going to keep it going." But for drivers like Luci Wilaerson, the cold has treated her well, cold. "A lot of frozen shut doors and we had a flat tire." said Wilaerson. "It took us about 5 minutes to start up this morning. So it's been interesting. This is our second vehicle today." There's no guarantee that won't happen to you. But experts say at least follow these tips. "You should do some really good winter maintenance." said Don. "Get your battery checked. Get your belt hoses, anti-freeze. Anything like that checked." We're covering the news in Rhinelander. Shardaa Gray Newswatch 12.

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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