Vilas Co. Employees Take Buyout Submitted: 01/16/2013
EAGLE RIVER - It seems like no one would choose unemployment in an economy like this. But that's exactly what 15 people did in Vilas County. The county is facing a $1.2 million budget short fall. Reducing the staff by 15 saved the county about $100,000. A good portion of the budget is salary and benefits. Janna Kahl is the Director of Human Resources.

She believes this is a way for people to leave peacefully instead of being forced out. "It was really across the county. So we have several from our maintance department." said Kahl. "Several from social services. A couple of people from our jail. One person from our IT department. So it's really across the entire county that we saw some participation." The employees are still on staff through the rest of this week. The committee plans to look at each position to decide if they should be refilled.

Story By: Shardaa Gray

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