Two Alcohol Related Issues Set for Public Hearing Monday Submitted: 01/13/2013
RHINELANDER - Monday night in Rhinelander there will be a public hearing on two issues. The first is an ordinance that would allow people under 21 to go to shows and concerts at venues that sell liquor. The other is whether the city should allow beer sales in gas stations. Right now, minors can't go to events if they're held in a place that has a liquor license. But the owner of the Elbo Room requested an ordinance to allow people under age 21 into shows and events.

Alcohol sales would have to be shut down for all-age events. A Rhinelander city council committee voted unanimously in favor of the ordinance. If the it passes, the police chief will have to pre-approve every all-age night. Right now, Rhinelander is among only a few places in Wisconsin not allowing beer sales in gas stations. The City Council unanimously sent a proposal to change that. Kwik Trip is considering building two or three stores within the city, if they can sell beer. We'll let you know what happens at this hearing Monday night on Newswatch 12 at 10.

Story By: Lyndsey Stemm

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