Nicolet College's Submitted: 01/12/2013
RHINELANDER - Nicolet College's "Trees" Exhibit offered a meet and greet for the artistically inclined. Saturday's event honored artists who put together this nature-themed gallery. Visitors could grab some food, listen to poetry, and even be serenated by a harpist. Creativity usually has a muse. For these Artist, the area's natural setting works perfectly. "If you live in the Northwoods it'so very easy to be inspired. Because you look out doors and see all the wildlife and beauty…so that is a constant

inspiration." Trees are what give the Northwoods its beauty. But if you think there's not a lot going on here? Poet, John Bates would tell you otherwise. "Our show shows that there's a lot up here. It's really a matter of personal perception, of making this place personal to you and however you're going to do that." Said Poet, John Bates

Story By: Ryan Abney

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