Northwoods Library Catalogs Get Upgrade Submitted: 01/08/2013
RHINELANDER - Starting tomorrow, libraries across the Northwoods will take a giant technological leap forward. Sahara, the new search engine will go in library's card catalogs north of Wausau. Ed Hughes, Rhinelander District Library Director, is thrilled for the change. "We're moving to a new online catalog and it's a lot of work behind the scenes and my staff, but the public won't see that big of a change in fact the

changes that they will see will mostly be for the better. They'll be able to find things easier, it'll be a much better system that we have currently. It looks like it's a simple change but it's not. It's a lot of hard work behind the scenes." Hard work, but Hughes says its about time, considering the old system was 5 to 6 years old. "I've worked with this company's innovative interfaces before in another library and they're very good. They're considered the Cadillac of all library systems. We're looking forward to it." Hughes was quick to compare the new program to software similar to Amazon.

Story By: Ryan Abney

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